2017 US Open Tennis Championships App Reviews

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Great update

Now supports Retina Display! Still some minors bugs, at least on the iPhone 4.

Very poor

Bad streaming, very poor bios, no stats by set, no video or other content. IBM Slam Tracker (internet) is so much better to follow live event. Even the ATP app is much better.

Incompatible with iPad 1!

I cannot even install it on my iPad, the wta app will not provide results .... So thee Im left with no official source of infos for the usopen. Great.

Need ios6...

Cannot install it without ios6....

IOS 5 and before?

Is it possible to make it available for IOS 5? Thanks

Unusable with iPhone 4

To slow ! 10s just for selecting a day (yes I need to select today !) Moreover it required to have a wifi connection. There are timeout on a 3G network. The worst tennis application I never seen. Why dont take any of the other masters instead of writing your own.

Not good

Have to try about 10 times to open the app before eventually succeding. And very slow when it ever opens.



Does not work

This Is sad. Looks great, but no info are downloaded.

Slow to load, not reactive, buggy

Better go to the website.

Not worth installing

Unfortunately, the worst app of all the four GS applications. Very slow, bugs at any scrolling or going from one topic to another. It takes not less than 15 s to switch from live scores to completed scores, for ex. Delay I live scores. A horrible Combination of blue and white and dark-blue luminescent colors hurts view...feedback is not working. A really bad work!

Almost there

Too "mainstream" for me: Id prefer a more professional approach. For instance, I cant find the draws, which is extremely disappointing.

Very bad app

Not user-friendly, unpractibale links and buttons all stacked at the very bottom of the screen. Above all, you cant even find the draws. Pure waste of time

Missing tennis player

You must review the list of tennis players. Rafael Nadal for instance is missing...


Much more stable than last year. Easy to use news bar opens from the start. pretty good designe

Really bad

Not intuitive, the worst Grand Slam app for sure..

Didnt like it

Where is the draw ? No videos or feeds?

Great app

A great app with a lot of features!

One Word: Awesome

This app is just amazing - and the best part is: its for free :-) Everyone who is a tennis fan or just wants to know something about the US Open 09 should definitely get this damn nice app. Big thanks to the developer !!

Great Great Great

I was waiting for this app and I knew it would be good ... but not that good!!! Thank you so much! My fav tournament with my fav app couldnt get any better.

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